Chahar Dara

Chahar Dara
Admin ASC 2 Code
Orig. name Chahar Dara
Country and Admin Code AF.24.7732594 AF

World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II . 2014.

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  • Chahar Dara District — (also known as Char Dara, Chahar Darreh or Char Darreh) is one of the seven districts in Kunduz Province in northern Afghanistan. It is situated in the south west part of Kunduz Province and has borders with Qalay I Zal District to the north west …   Wikipedia

  • Chahar dara District — is situated in the central part of Kunduz Province in Northern Afghanistan. It has borders with Qalay I Zal District to the west, Kunduz District to the north east, Ali abad District to the west and Baghlan and Samangan provinces to the south.… …   Wikipedia

  • Batailles de Chahar Dara — Informations générales Date Lieu Issue Belligérants …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Chahar Kint District — Chahar Kint, formerly Char Kent, is a district in Balkh Province, Afghanistan. It has a population of 32,306[1]. The district administration is in the town of Char Kent, which means four towns from Persian chahār, four , and Sogdian[2] kand, town …   Wikipedia

  • Chahar Bolak District — (pop: 65,000) is located in the western part of Balkh Province. Its capital is the village of Chahar Bolak (also Char Bulak) 40 km northwest of Mazari Sharif. The original name of this district is Adina Masjid (آدینه‌مسجد in Persian). This… …   Wikipedia

  • Chahar Burjak District — is a district of Nimruz Province, Afghanistan. At just under 22,000 square kilometers in area, it is the largest district in Afghanistan. Notable people Abdul Karim Brahui, governor of Nimroz Province and national Minister (born Pedehgee, Chahar… …   Wikipedia

  • Dara-I-Pech District — (also known as Manogay District or Pech District[1]) is located western central part of Kunar Province, Afghanistan, 30 km West from Asadabad. The population is 48,400 (2006). The district is governed from Mano Gai.[2] The governor is… …   Wikipedia

  • Dara-I-Nur District — Nangarhar districts. Dara I Nur (Pashto: دره نور) is a district in the north of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Its population, which is 99% Pashai with a small number of Pashtuns, was estimated at 120,000 in 2002, of whom 28,000 were children… …   Wikipedia

  • Dara-I-Suf District, Samangan — DarahSof was a district in Samangan Province, northern Afghanistan. Until 2005, the district was dissolved and it is now split into 2 new districts surrounding the now, former bigger Darah Sof district: Darah Sof Balla Darah Sof Payan …   Wikipedia

  • Dara (clan) — Dara (IAST: Ḍārā, Hindi: डारा) is gotra of Jats found in Districts Sikar, Pali, Hanumangarh and Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India. These people were mentioned as Dari by Greek historians[1], who became Dara in India. [2] Distribution They are found in… …   Wikipedia

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